In my drawings, I always consider design thinking. In this collection, this component was the starting point of my work, as well. I paid attention to the contemporary jewelry in this collection; using contemporary and unusual material in jewelry design and its combination with gold. It is a dialogue between materials which are different in values (resin and gold). This collection is a combination of contemporary jewelry with design. Contemporary jewelry uses different materials and seeks a distinct concept for jewelry. In this collection, in addition to paying attention to a different material, resin, I have used geometric and arabesque motifs which are in contrast with a contemporary chemical material. Traditional geometry in this collection has caused the resin to take on volume, and manufacturing technology has contributed to this. I have paid particular attention to the details of these artworks. Although working with resin does not seem complicated at first, its application in combination with gold, which has special sensitivities, made the application process with certain complexities and problems. I named this collection “Opposition”, because it is an opposition between both ordinary and valuable materials and traditional motifs and contemporary expression. Eventually, this opposition led to a dialogue between them.
Banafsheh Hemmati

men without women