Banafsheh hemmati


Banafsheh Hemmati is an Iranian designer_artist whose works in the field of art and contemporary design are based on the appropriation of traditional Iranian-Islamic geometry and motifs.

In her works, instead of adapting the tradition, she seeks to revive in the form of contemporary language and expression. Hemmati’s project in the field of art and design has been formed with an emphasis on concepts such as space, body, and geometry, and she has presented these concepts with a personal interpretation in her works.

In her point of view, works of art and design are associated with a contemporary and secular understanding instead of repeating and adapting the past. She has been active in the fields of sculpture, jewelry design, and interior design for almost two decades and has held various exhibitions.

From Hemmati’s point of view, design is the idea of expansion in space.

Banafsheh Hemmati is a master’s graduate of industrial design and has PhD in philosophy of art. In her doctoral thesis, she has been concerned with the philosophical foundations of the relation between art and geometry.

For more than twenty years, Hemmati has been professionally active as a designer, sculpture, exemplary in founding Banafsheh Hemmati Design Studio in Tehran.

Besides professional work, she is engaged in teaching at the university in Tehran. Motifs of Islamic architecture play a major role in her sculpture and jewelry work.

Hemmati employs the diverse geometricpatterns of Islamic architecture in her creations and, sometimes, by disrupting their rigid order, extends the visual and
formal capacities of her works.

Her approach can be best described as appropriating Islamic geometry.