Banafsheh Hemmati is a master’s graduate of industrial design and has PhD in philosophy of art. In her doctoral thesis, she has been concerned with the philosophical foundations of the relation between art and geometry.
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• Group Exhibition , Iranian artists, Malaysia, 2017 • Group Exhibition ,Paintings and sculptures , Farmanfarma Gallery, 2017 • Group Exhibition, Contemporary Jewelry , Florence, Riacci Gallery, 2017 see more


•Tehran Jewelry Design Week
•Pizain’s special session entitled “Contemporary Jewelry, Wearable Art”
•Banafsheh Hemmati’s speech at the fourth #I_designed conference
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• Winner of the Florence International Art and Design Award, 2017 • Winner of the 6th Fajr International Festival in the field of jewelry, 2015 • Winner of ‘A Design Award’, 2016 see more



In my drawings, I always consider design thinking. In this collection, this component was the starting point of my work, as well. I paid attention…

Mens Without Women

In contrary to ordinary point of view , we should not have a gendered approach to the jewelry. In our popular culture, when we talk about…


This collection is a combination of gold and silver, which I made through a smaller scale of gold in comparison with silver. I have named…

Body Geometry

In the BodyGeometry collection,Banafsheh Hemmati’s jewelry is not only made to be possessed by the body, but also contradicts to the body…


While designing this series, I was looking for new experiences. So I came up with the idea of using daily stuff, I mean the objects that have been around …


In Always Collection, I sought to reverence the past along with the difference. In other words, the past will never be repeated except by a difference…


 This collection is a boundary between my early works, which were adapted, and my later works, in which I have looked at retrospective motifs…

Geometric Patterns

In the collection of pattern geometry, I have presented the geometry of traditional arts directly.The direct function of geometry always faces…


In this series I wanted to design jewelry for contemporary women that is conceptual and challenging to incorporate beauty and meaning into…


The Architecture Collection is the result of traveling to different cities in Iran and photographing historical monuments. In this collection of works…


The distance collection is the result of traveling to different cities of Iran and photographing the historical monuments that each city has become…

The Trace Of Absence

One of the fundamental elements of Iranian-Islamic art is geometry. In this art material is glorified by the geometry. One of the characteristic…


The collection is inspired by iranian calligraphy and also some of them by the poems of contemporary Iranian poets, which is designed…


The collection of Eslimi from the first works of Banafsheh Hemmati in the field of jewelry design that was formed in 2008 and 2009,In this period She…


Which based on the shape of the stone, my main approach is to at least interfere with the form of the stones.


In this men’s collection that I have designed like most of my other collections have geometry, but it is not Islamic…

custom design

Custom designs are often appealing and challenging to me, especially when I try to keep the client away from their usual space to…


the trace of absence

A passion with various forms of Islamic geometry was first manifested in my practice of designing jewelry based on…


tures of Always collection are a non-figurative combination of classical geometric motifs and Islamic scientific paintings and…

interior design

interior design





. “Ornament is a crime.” This was the slogan of Adolf Loos in first half of the 20th Century. I have faced this sentence...
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