Pablo Picasso jewelry
Pablo Picasso was an artist who created a variety of artworks in different fields of visual arts. During his youth, he could create works of art like major classic painters. However, he abandoned classic panting style and founded a new painting style, which did not have many supporters at the beginning; however, after a while, he was seen as a world class artist. Many fans know Picasso’s art with his cubism style. This is while he did not remain loyal to this style and created paintings in other styles, as well. On the other hand, Picasso was a prominent sculptor, who created sculptures using a variety of materials. He also conducted scenic design and made ceramic dishes. Jewelry design is one of the other work fields of Picasso which is not really known by many of his fans. He designed jewelry for his relatives during his mid ages. He did not limit himself to exclusively use expensive materials to design his jewels. He makes a ceramic necklace for his wife and recreates the portraits in his paintings in it. In this artwork, he courageously does not think about ergonomics and solely cares about transferring his design from painting into jewelry.
Furthermore, he designs a cow head as a medal in another necklace. In these jewelries, he pays attention to his previous works and believes a piece of Picasso work may be worn as a jewelry as much as it may be hung on wall. This concern by Picasso demonstrates that jewelry is an independent work of art for him and that he does not consider it as a sole decorative object. Picasso was one of the artists who confronted decorative and market style of art through jewelry design.
Banafsheh Hemmati