Visual Identity

Desigend : Reza Abedini

My visual identity was formed with the help of Mr. Reza Abedini, who does not need identification. He is a graphic designer of his own strong style on an international level and a very well-known figure, at present a professor in the American university of Beirut. Reza Abedini is not only a graphic designer, but also seeks to join the design and art. In his many projects, Abedini has lent a completely contemporary expression to the components of the traditional art. The way he looks at the calligraphy and typography is wholly distinctive and unique to the personal style of him. The way he uses native elements stems from a completely contemporary point of view and does not constitute an approach based on ornamentation. In only a few artists’ works can this approach be observed. This way of seeing things was what brought us together. At the same time as using traditional arts, I elicited the elements of my interest from a traditional content, although with a contemporary way of approaching them. I approached the geometry in the same manner Reza Abedini did the traditional calligraphy. This is what we have in common. To add more, we both are interested in combining the design and art within a historical context, without burying ourselves in the tradition. Since I have been cooperating with Abedini in the field of visual identity, we have had many conversations. It was during the conversations when new arenas opened up before us to continue the project. He has been all ears to what I say, with shrewd, critical eyes which gives him an insight arising from years of watching and accumulating experience. He also approaches the designing challenges in a quite daring manner. All these specifications resolved themselves into my visual identity, which I will gradually unveil subsequently.
Banafshe Hemmati