salvador dali jewelry
Salvador Dali is usually known for his paintings as well as his special type of moustache. As a surrealist painter, he was playful than being satisfied with a sole art media like painting. Dali was active in a variety of fields of art, from sculpture to jewelry design. According to Gala, Dali’s wife, in 1941, i.e. during WW2, he commenced working on 22 pieces of jewelry. He took benefit from jewelry designers’ advisory at the start of this project; however, he practically did what he liked to do. He made a collection of surrealistic objects out of the foregoing jewelry, while other surrealists before Dali considered creating such objects. By creating such objects, Dali demonstrated that jewelry is not only a decorative object, but may be seen as a conceptual one. Each and every pieces of jewelry made by Dali enjoy such characteristic. In a piece of work called “The Ruby Lips”, he shows the smile of Mae West, the American actress, that the governing capitalistic system exchanges this natural smile as a valuable object. By creating this piece of art, he derides such process. On the other hand, in another piece of work called “Eye of Time”, he had focused on a philosophical matter, i.e. the relation between time and space. Dali has frequently referred to this matter in his surrealistic paintings. Dali did fashion design in addition to jewelry design and for instance, he cooperated with Schiaparelli, Italian fashion designer, and they jointly created some conceptual samples.
Banafsheh Hemmati