Anish Kapoor jewelry
Anish Kapoor is one of the most globally-known contemporary sculptures, who has held shows in most famous museums of the world. Kapoor is famous for his outdoor sculptures. These sculptures have been made in big sizes and considering the human-environment relationship. In terms of make, form and meaning, Kapoor’s sculptures are known as the well-known contemporary works of art and he is more known for these big-size works. However, Kapoor has made some small-size sculptures and is one of the famous artist who is active in the field of artistic jewelry. He always considers jewels as wearable sculptures in proportion to the body. Kapoor has also cooperated with Bulgari Brand to design jewelry, resulted in a simple design and steel and gold synthesis. He works independently and has cooperated with no other brands after his successful cooperation with Bulgari. Like Kapoor’s sculptures, his jewelry focus on positive and negative space, inside and outside. They pay attention to empty spaces and recessed and concave forms. Deceiving the observer is one of Kapoor’s fields of interest.
In his jewelry, he displays empty space resembling a filled space. Furthermore, like his sculptures, Kapoor’s jewelry take benefit from polished metals and smooth metal surface. This features results in reflecting the surrounding on the metal surface, which is exactly the case for his sculptures. Kapoor does not distinguish between his sculptures and jewelry and considers his jewelry as small sculptures.
Banafsheh Hemmati