This is my second collection of Eslimi after working on the first one in 2009, which was released more than ten years ago. Eslimi motifs have many fans among my audience. However, during this time, I did not have much inclination to work on Eslimi motifs and my concern was mostly geometric motifs. With the exception of a few pieces, I have not appropriated the Eslimi from the first collection, which means that I have redefined the Eslimi motifs and given them new shapes. I have also considered the use of stones in design and have used stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, ruby, etc. in a contemporary way.One of the characteristics of Eslimi in traditional arts is its disregard for a single center. In Eslimi art, we encounter fluidity and our view of these motifs is constantly moving from one part to another. Therefore, Eslimi is not a mere decorative role and deals with a fluid world. In this collection, I have adapted Eslimi elements from architecture and traditional arts to the field of jewelry. My idea for this collection was to use design knowledge to make Eslimi art contemporary and give it a functional aspect.
Banafsheh Hemmati