custom design

Custom designs are often appealing and challenging to me, especially when I try to keep the client away from their usual space to choose bolder designs. In the custom design process, after the design team’s initial conversation with the client in His interests and concerns are sent to 3 to 6 #alternative (choice) design and it is a stage that we can get better acquainted with the customer space through the choices and this is exactly the time when I talk directly with the customer to make the choice Do not do with the previous familiar space, also in many cases, especially in the design of bracelets based on ergonomics (human factors science) and anthropometry (information related to body dimensions) is made by the customer, which is a critical stage, especially if it is to be made of bracelets.
Banafsheh Hemmati
Double This ring is designed based on design thinking and focusing on the demands of the customers from the ring design; in a way that it is a ring and also has the ability to be used as three rings with three different designs. The main idea for this design came from the fact that in many cases there is matching the ring’s color with the watch, and my customers always talk about this problem. It was a design problem that I had to come up with a solution to. This ring can be used in three different colors (white, yellow, and a combination of yellow and white). In terms of shape, every piece has its own shape. For example, in full white color, we face a minimal volume with no details. In full yellow color, we are facing a geometric volume. In the combination of yellow and white, we are faced with the combined characteristics. This work is a single work and does not belong to any of my previous collections.
Customized design is referred to certain designs made based on the order and requirements of the client, which may be offered in different fields of design. The product uniqueness as well as personal, social, psychological, and cultural characteristics of the client, his/her planned budget and other items affecting the design are always considered by the designer for customized designing. This type of design is shaped through designer and client talks and is definitely not free from any mutual interactions and communications. The designer guides the client to achieve a better and more efficient product through relying on her/his own creativity, experience, and smartness to learn about the client’s personal characteristics. Furthermore, a successful designer promotes his/her client during the designing process and considering her/his own design approach.

The only request of the customer was to use blue sapphire stone. Often, when the design, from A to Z, is entrusted to me, and the client does not specify a specific framework, the work process, and its result are more satisfactory for me. Usually, at the beginning of the design process, I personally talk with the client to understand his interests, tastes, and expectations, which are the process’s first steps. This work was ordered as a gift, and I noticed that he also has some other men’s pendants from different collections. Therefore, the first step of the design was to make something different from other collections. In the design process, we reached five final designs, and finally, one of them was selected, and after that, different stone placements were tested as you can see in the pictures.