designer’s worldview
Designing creates our world. Usually my students in industrial design classes ask the meaning of this sentence with which i start my semester. How can a designer create a world? This is a crucial question for any author designer. Each of these designers has their own philosophy and worldview and creates their works accordingly. For instance, Karim Rashid, instead of writing about design strategies in his portfolio , talks about Karim Rashid’s philosophy.The designer’s philosophy is his worldview or the way he observs at the world. Without this attitude, we only imitate the world and the existing designs, but with a worldview, we make a world. Zaha Hadid’s designs are another example of this worldview. Her vision of form and space in the design of an architectural structure to the design of kitchen objects displays this attitude. These examples are numerous and not limited to a few specific designers. Design not only reveals the designer’s worldview, but also helps its audience to face a new world. Design audiences have the opportunity to discover new aspects of living in the world. Design helps us to understand space, form, consumption, body and many other concepts. The designer could create knowledge about the world with his design, and etc …, it may hinder the understanding of the world. It all depends upon the designer’s worldview. Principally, one could not talk about design without it.