Ancient Iran Jewelry
Any designer as author shall pay attention to design history as well, as design is accompanied with historicity. In addition to visible and tangible features, all objects have a series of invisible features, and history is one of them. Therefore, design is the resultant of visual culture and history. I have always paid attention to jewelry history in Iranian culture since I commenced designing my jewelry. Generally speaking, jewelry is as old as human; i.e. a human being who reached a certain understanding of his/her body to start decorating it. The primitive jewelry was a simple decoration formed with body tattoo. In pre-historic Iran, i.e. the era prior to writing invention, we see a wide range of jewelry and such efforts continued during historic era. In such instances, jewelry was not only body decoration, but was also the result of the world their lived in a variety of fields. In such jewelry, we observe certain symbols of Iranian rituals and myths.
Jewelry cannot be understood without learning about Ancient Iran culture. I will gradually analyze some samples of such jewelry in the coming future. All images are from a collection of Lorestan bronze objects. Discovering bronze in third millennium B.C. made it available to the poorer classes of the society as jewelry, who made a significant role in advancement of the jewelry art and in industry in Iran.